It's weekend again...

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Woosh! What a week this was! I guess it felt like a crazy week because I had no weekend from being in school all weekend then going straight into the work week. I am happy to see the weekend arrive - lots of studying is in my future BUT I am getting to go home to Chattanooga for a little bit. It feels like forever but I am so happy to go home to see my parents and my bestie. So here are some links that are on my radar. Happy weekend!

ONE // Chandelier by Sia.

Oh my gosh how I love this song and this music video. I love seeing Maddie from Dance Moms in it - she does such an amazing job. This song makes me want to dance every time I hear it!


For when I dont feel like studying anymore but I really need to - this app that you download to google chrome blocks sites that you want so you can study. I know this is going to be really helpful of the next few months!

THREE // 11 texts you send your best friend vs what they actually mean

I am pretty sure you will see buzzfeed mentioned on my blog quite a bit. I just love buzzfeed (and it helps that my brothers awesome girlfriend is a writer for the company too) and I think they can do no wrong. I loved this post - you know, we all have a friend that is like this. I may not see my best friend every day since she is in a different state, but we are constantly texting and snapping like crazy.

FOUR // all things Kendra Scott

I may be late to the party, but I am beginning to love everything Kendra Scott does. I am currently coveting the Rayne necklace.. I am thinking one might need to make its way to my jewelry collection soon. The fun part? A Kendra Scott is opening here in Birmingham soon! I hope they have a grand opening party so that I can be there!

FIVE // Birmingham Bloggers meet up!

I love being in this community and I am hoping to become more interactive with it. The past two events I have been out of town so this time I am determined to go! I want to finally meet these fabulous ladies I have been corresponding with over the past few months.

Life update part one

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Hello everyone! I figured since I have been gone for quite a while, I needed to do a life update of sorts. First of all, you know that back in March I was getting ready to go to Memphis each weekend to visit my boyfriend while he was finishing his last medical school rotation. I had a great time each weekend and I cant wait to go back in a month for his graduation!

Life in between going to Memphis each weekend was fun. I started taking a spin class with my bestie at a local place that has been so much fun. I never knew that I would like spinning that much. (fun fact: I cannot ride a bike. Yes, at 26 years old I cant do it! I had to even ask the spin instructor the proper way to get on the bike! whoops!). Hasnt this weather been so bipolar? One minute it was pretty and then the next it was snowing! I hope we are DONE with this snowy weather. I am oh so ready for spring and summer to fully arrive. Isnt Chattanooga just gorgeous? I really do love this city. I know this is a very random post but hey, thats what happens when you take a few months off! More fun tomorrow!

Life update part two

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Happy Thursday everyone! It's time for another life update (are you sick of these yet?!) Well lets get back with the update: I ended up getting some unexpected vacation time from work (LOZ) so the past few weeks I have just been enjoying seeing my boyfriend as much as I can - and taking some time to myself! We started off our vacation time babysitting my boyfriends sisters dogs (Farrah and Robin) in Atlanta. They are the CUTEST dogs, it makes me want a big dog again. We got to enjoy some pretty spring weather and eat some of the best food.

This little lady is my amazing grandmother. She turned 91 earlier this month. Isnt she gorgeous? I am so blessed to have her in my life. She is so kind and generous to me and my family. I dont know what I would do without her. She loves to shop, eat junk food, and hang out with my chubby dog who she loves so so much. We took a little trip to Birmingham... and bought a house! More on that later of course. It was my very first time visiting the city and I was so excited. It is such a gorgeous city and I cannot wait to explore it.