Summer reading

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Summer reading. Everyone either hated it or loved it while they were in school. I was one who loved it YET hated it. I love reading but the books my school chose weren't always on the top of my priority list each summer. Once I got to college, I really enjoyed finding books that I couldn't put down. I hated having a book that I hated to even pick up to read! It's so nice being able to find a book that I love and love to share. I have created a list of books that I have recently read and wanted to share with my readers in hopes that they would pick one up this summer. PS: you should follow me on goodreads for more suggestions! Plus I love seeing what my readers are reading for ideas!!

one | fault in our stars by john green

I absolutely love this book. I admit I cried my eyes out but it was amazing. I cannot wait for this movie to come out next week. John Green is an amazing writer and I love everything he puts out.

two | eleanor and park by rainbow rowell

This was another sad book but it was so very sweet. It's in an interesting format but it makes it an easy read. It is a very cute love story.

three | her fearful symmetry by audrey niffenegger

I have read this book atleast 5xs. I love love love it. It is by the same author as The Time Travellers Wife. It is a haunting tale but it keeps you hooked until the very end.

four | revenge wears prada by lauren weisberger

I always say that The Devil Wears Prada is one of my top all time favorite books (I have read my original paperback copy so many times that pages have started to fall out!!) and this one is no exception. I love how this book is able to pick right up after 10 years and it is still just as compelling.

five | orange is the new black by piper kerman

If you love the show on netflix, you will love this side of the story. I admit, I was expecting it to be just like the tv show: warning! it is not. It is still a wonderful story and gives you an inside look on what it's like to live in a women's prison. I love the friendships that were formed and the stories that were told.

six | dark places by gillian Flynn

If you're anything like me, you like to read other books by best selling authors. I read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn last year and was excited to read this one. This one is very dark and a little hard to get into but I really enjoyed it. If you like suspenseful books, you will like this one.

Friday favorites

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Hurray for Friday! I just love fridays - I think they are probably my favorite day of the week. Today I am so lucky to have the day off (which is a big deal for me - for three years I NEVER worked on Friday but now I have to) so this is a nice way to kick off the weekend. Sean and I are heading to Chattanooga this weekend and I am so excited! It's been about a month since we went home so I am thrilled to see the city I love and of course spend time with my family. Sharing some of my friday favorites today!

Favorite football fun / mccallie vs Baylor

So here's a secret: I could care less about football. I live in the South and now Birmingham, so you would think that football would be in my blood - but it's not. My dad is a huge fan of the Tennessee Vols but I know zero about football. I tried to have a fantasy team last year but that didnt go over too well. Well my boyfriend went to an all boys school in Chattanooga and each year they have a huge game versus their rival. McCallie is a very nice all boys school that I have spent some time at due to the fact that my brother went there. Baylor is the co-ed school on the other side of town that I have also spent time at due to the fact I took ballet classes there. Both schools are great and the rivalry is out of control. This year I will be rooting for McCallie if we get our hands on a pair of coveted tickets!

Favorite secret tv obsession / little people big world

TLC, you never fail to suck me in. I have really enjoyed this show over the years and of course when it came back I was excited and promptly DVR'd it. Now this is probably a secret obsession because I save it to watch on my own instead of making Sean watch it with me. I really enjoyed this season because we got to see the engagement and preparations for Jeremy's wedding. I think they are so cute and how excited the family got to have the wedding on their farm. So cute!

Favorite new movies / annabelle and gone girl

I am so excited for both of these movies and of course they come out on the same day. I loved The Conjuring when I saw it last year so when I saw the preview for Annabelle, I couldnt wait. The previews are so creepy just like she is. October is the perfect time to binge watch scary movies! As for Gone Girl, I was obsessed when I read the book last year so the movie should be pretty good. The previews have been decent so I am excited to see how they take the book and turn it into a movie.

Favorite pinterest find / whole wheat pizza crust

I recently came across this recipe on pinterest last week and I just had to give it a try. I have never made my own pizza crust before and I was very pleased with this recipe. It was quick and simple and it made enough to save the dough for next time. You cant beat homemade pizza, especially when it's healthy! I highly recommend it.